A common problem is the smell of old cat urine on rugs and furniture, but not knowing where the stains are. Finding old stains is where cat urine black lights can help.

A cat urine black light is a portable ultraviolet light (also known as “black lights”). UV light does a great job of illuminating many types of old stains, including cat pee.

Cat urine stains on carpet visible with UV black light

If you want to safely find and neutralize cat urine smell, we recommend:

How to use a Cat Urine Black Light

  1. First get a good cat urine black light!
  2. Wait until night, when your home is dark, and dim the lights.
  3. Shine the black light in suspicious areas. You’ll clearly see old stains glow!
  4. Hold the black light about 12 to 24 inches from surfaces for the best view.

Cat Urine Black Light Results

This fun we made video shows how to find cat urine using a UV black light.

The Pee-Off Cat Urine Black Light

The Pee-Off cat urine black light is intended specifically for cat parents. It’s very effective at finding cat pee stains, but also includes a red laser feature (cat toy), a bright LED light (night safety light). It’s typically sold as part of Pee-Off’s cat urine removing kits, which includes powerful deodorizer and neutralizers.