If you have a cat, you already know how bad cat urine smells!

But why does cat urine smell so bad? The funny thing is that fresh cat urine hardly smells at all. Only after a few days does it really begin to smell so horrible.

That’s because the smell is mostly caused by bacteria. The bacteria feed off the urea, which is the main component of cat pee (aside from water).

If you want to safely neutralize cat urine smell, we recommend:

As the bacteria grow and consume the urea, they release ammonia, which is the smelly gas that makes pee smell so offensive. But they also release other chemicals that also smell bad.

How to stop cat urine smell

They key to stopping cat urine smell is to prevent the bacteria from growing in the first place!

For example, the product Pee-Off contains an enzyme that breaks down urea in the urine, so that the bacteria cannot feed off it.

Next, the antibacterial agent in Pee-Off prevents bacteria from growing on any remaining components of the cat pee. It also continues to work long after the pee has dried, so the smell doesn’t come back when the weather turns warm and humid.

Pee-Off also contains cat-safe detergent to help lift and remove the urine off your carpets and soft surfaces, even after it’s dried.