Cat urine is one of the hardest smells to clean, and perhaps the worst thing is cleaning it out of couch cushions!

Cleaning cat urine out of couch cushions is so difficult because the deep foam absorbs the urine, where it can ripen, and where bacteria decompose it which produces the foul odor. Worse yet, more smell is released every time you sit down.

Here is the bottom line: because of the thick foam, you cannot entirely clean cat urine out of couch cushions. Instead, you need to deodorize the cat urine.

If you want to safely neutralize cat urine smell, we recommend:

The best way to deodorize cat urine in couch cushions and pillows is with a enzymatic cat urine remover. Enzymes are special molecules that Target and Destroy other molecules. That means instead of using a very harsh cleaner which attacks everything, an enzyme cleaner is a much more intelligent and safe way to remove cat urine.

For example the cat urine remover Pee-Off contains the enzyme called urease, which specifically attacks the urea component of cat urine. It is the urea which causes much of the all-too-familiar cat pee smell. And because Pee-Off derives its enzyme from natural soybeans, it’s safe for people and pets.

When you apply an enzymatic cat urine remover to clean your couch cushions or pillows, you only need to let it sit and soak in for the enzymes to do their work. You could apply it multiple times for better cleaning, but it’s a fairly hands-off procedure.

One of the challenges of cleaning cat urine off couch cushions is avoiding staining. Even pure water can discolor couch cushions, especially if they are very old, because it can bring up some of the dirt from underneath and leave stain rings. These are not really stains, but a concentration of the dirt that was already in the cushions. The best way to avoid stain rings on your couch cushions is to pat the surface dry at intervals, instead of allowing it to air-dry.