Our Mission:

Helping cats and people live together happily.

What it Means

Our mission is to help cats and people live together happily. We believe that one way to improve cat welfare is help smooth over the rough edges of feline-human relationships.

Many vets and cat parents agree: inappropriate urination is possibly the roughest edge that need smoothing, and every year countless cats are euthanized because of it. That's why we're dedicated to creating the most effective product, running free programs to help people manage their problem, and donating 10% of profits to causes that support our mission.

What We Do

We donate 10% of profits to causes that support our mission. As a young company we believe we can have the greatest impact by donating our product to those who need it most.

New Chance Program

Every month many people search for information online about how to give away or euthanize their cat because of urination problems. We aim to intercept those people and offer them free Pee-Off, with the hope of solving their main problem, or at least delaying their decision. This program is sponsored through our Cat Happiness Fund.

Veterinarian Donations

When possible we donate Pee-Off to veterinarians to use in their clinic, and also to donate to those with severe cat urination problems.

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