Powerful, Permanent Cat Urine Remover

Easily neutralize cat urine odor without harsh chemicals.

“We designed Pee-Off to use powerful odor-neutralizing enzymes, and also be pet and people-safe.

Our mission is to help people and cats live happily together by solving the cat pee problem”
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Did you know?

Cat pee smells so strong because it's more concentrated than other animal urine.

The high urea concentration feeds bacteria, which release smelly gasses.

The Urea Problem

Urea is the main source of smell in cat urine. As it slowly breaks-down, it releases ammonia gas, giving old cat pee a strong smell. Pee-Off contains a natural enzyme that rapidly breaks down urea in fresh or dried pee stains.

The Bacteria Problem

Have you ever wondered why fresh cat pee doesn't smell very much? It takes a few days for bacteria to multiply and feed off the urea, giving it a pungent odor. Pee-Off contains antibacterial agents that prevent stinky bacteria from growing.

The Sticky Oily Problem

Cat pee also contains various oils that make it cling to fibers in carpets, furniture, and clothing. Pee-Off contains a pet-safe detergent that loosens and dissolves the oils, making clean-up a breeze.

No Harsh Chemicals.

No Bleach

Some urine removers contain chemicals that can bleach your carpets, furniture, and clothing.

No Peroxides

Peroxide cleaners are powerful but can lighten colored fabrics.

No live bacteria

Some cleaners contain live bacteria, but we don't think you need more mystery bacteria in your home!

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