How to Make

It's as easy as a cup of tea!


Pour 2 cups of boiling water (500mL) into a bowl or large mug, and add one Deep-Deodorizer tea bag.


Let Pee-Off steep for 10 minutes. Use while hot.

How to Use


If the pee-spot is still wet, first blot it dry with a paper towel. Pour your freshly-steeped Pee-Off directly onto the pee stain. Use enough to saturate the stain.

Caution: hot water — do not pour on people, pets, or electrical equipment.


Wait 1 hour for Pee-Off to work its enzyme magic. For tough stains, wait up to 3 hours.


Optional for tough stains:  Blot-dry the area, then use any left-over cold Deep-Deodorizer liquid to saturate the stain once again. Wait 1 hour and blot dry with paper towels.

Advanced Tips

Cement: For porous cement, apply Deep-Deodorizer on the area and allow to penetrate for about an hour. Blot-dry and repeat as necessary with the remaining cold Deep-Deodorizer.

Washable clothing: Saturate the urine-stained area with Deep-Deodorizer, and fold the clothing with the stain toward the center to slow the rate of evaporation. Allow to sit for 1 to 5 hours, then wash like normal in hot water (or according to clothing label).

Shoes and non-washable clothing: Saturate the urine stain with Deep-Deodorizer and wait one hour. If practical, rinse the affected area with soapy water and blot dry. Note that cat urine can discolor some materials such as leather.

Pure white fabrics or carpet: While Deep-Deodorizer does not stain, cat urine can leave permanent stains on white surfaces. To reduce urine staining, apply Deep-Deodorizer several times, allowing up to one hour drying and blotting dry between applications.

Have a Secret Tip?

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