How to Make

Use Rapid-Ready for quick cleaning of urine or other pet stains


Empty one packet into a spray bottle and add 20 to 32 fl. oz of tap water (about 600 mL to 1 liter). Shake the bottle for a few seconds until fully dissolved.

How to Use


First blot the pet stain dry with a paper towel if still wet. Spray on the area to saturate the stain.


Blot dry immediately, or wait up to 1 hour for stronger cleaning, then blot-dry.

Advanced Tips

For any pet stain: Rapid-Ready contains pet-safe antibacterial, antifungal, and mild cleaning agents which can be used to clean any pet stain and inhibit bacterial growth. The formula was specifically tested and optimized for neutralizing urine odor.

Not for sterilization: Rapid-Ready will inhibit bacterial growth but is not intended to fully sterilize surfaces (killing bacterial and viruses).

Always ready for action: After mixing with water, Rapid-Ready has an unlimited shelf-life. Some settling may naturally occur, so just give it a shake!

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