Basic Usage

For fresh or dried cat pee, follow these steps:

Advanced Tips

Hard surfaces: For surfaces like vinyl flooring and cement, first remove (soak-up) any urine using a paper towel. Then spray Pee-Off on the area, and blot up with a fresh paper towel.

Porous surfaces: For surfaces like porous cement and foam, first remove (soak-up) any urine using a paper towel. Then spray Pee-Off on the area and allow to penetrate for about an hour. Blot up any remaining Pee-Off with a fresh paper towel.

Litter boxes: Liberally spray onto litter box after use. Pee-Off is not a substitute for the regular cleaning of litter boxes.

Washable clothing: Saturate the urine-stained area with Pee-Off, and fold the clothing with the stain toward the center to slow the rate of evaporation. Allow to sit for 1 to 5 hours, then wash like normal in hot water (or according to clothing label).

Shoes: Spray the urine stain with Pee-Off and allow to dry out of direct sunlight (typically 4-8 hours). Some shoes may retain an earthy smell after use. If practical, rinse the affected area with soapy water and allow to dry again.

Pure white fabrics or carpet: To avoid mild staining by cat urine or Pee-Off on pure white surfaces, spray the stained area with Pee-Off but do not allow it to fully dry (less than 1 hour). Spray a second time, and immediately use a clean paper towel to blot-up as much liquid as you can.

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