It’s not uncommon for cats to urinate on couches, and this short article explains several common causes and solutions.

First, let us assure you that your cat does not pee on your couch because it hates you, although that is a common and incorrect theory of some cat parents! If you respond to your cat’s inappropriate urination with anger, you might only worsen the situation by stressing your cat even more.

Keep in mind that even when your cat stops peeing on your couch you will need to clean the urine from the couch properly. There is nothing worse than the smell of old stale cat urine which can persist for years.

If you want to safely neutralize cat urine smell, we recommend:

We recommend a professional cat urine enzyme cleaner like Pee-Off, which works without harsh chemicals, and can deodorize deep within the foam of couch cushions.

Cat Urination on Couch due to Territorial Marking

Your cat might urinate on your couch because of simple territorial marking. This is much more common with male cats, but females can exhibit this behavior also. It is especially prevalent in homes with multiple cats.

A common recommendation to reduce the territorial tension and relax all of your cats is to use a pheromone product like Feliway. However, the research results on its actual effectiveness are mixed.

Cats can pee on couches if they smell any trace of other cats they don’t know. Did you recently add a couch pillow, blanket, or anything else in your home that came from another home that may have had cats? If your entire couch recently came from another home, that might be why.

Prevent Cat Urination on Couch with Covering

You could discourage cats from sitting on your couch all together, and although this may simply shift they’re marking to other areas, the idea is that any other area will be easier to clean than your couch.

For example, you can add sheets of aluminum foil to the couch so that when they jump up they are surprised by the appearance, sound, and texture of it, and so eventually will avoid the area. A more permanent solution is to add a crinkly plastic sheet over your couch, and cover that with a blanket. The crinkly plastic will always make a noise that can keep the cats away, while making urine clean-up much easier should it still occur.

Cat Urination on Couch due to Medical Issues

Medical problems should always be considered. Your cat may urinate on your couch simply because it has a bladder infection or any other number of issues. We recommend you speak with your local veterinarian who may recommend a change in your cat’s diet, or some tests to rule out diseases.

Cat Urination on Couch due to Litter Boxes

Think about the placement of cat litter boxes in your home. Is it too far away so that a very tired or lazy cat can’t be bothered making the journey? Alternatively, is the litter box so close to your couch that they can be overcome by the smell of other cat’s urine? Simply the smell of another cat’s urine can be a very strong trigger to urinate.

Any questions or suggestions about why cats pee on couches? Just add them in the comments below or message us!