Molecule of cat urine enzyme cleaner

Cat pee is one of nature’s most repugnant and persistent odors. So it’s no surprise that it’s difficult to remove from carpets, beds, and furniture. Here’s some reasons why you should use a cat urine enzyme cleaner.

The reason soap and water won’t neutralize cat pee odor is because much of urine odor comes from a chemical called urea, which is the major component of cat pee, aside from water.

Water and detergent have no effect on urea, unless you can completely remove it, which is difficult on carpets, shoes, clothing, and other soft surfaces.

If you want to safely neutralize cat urine smell, we recommend:

This is where cat urine enzyme cleaners are essential. Enzymes are special natural chemicals that break down organic chemicals such as the urea in cat pee. So a cat urine enzyme cleaner will actually destroy the urea, even if it cannot all be physically removed!

Molecule of cat urine enzyme cleanerUrea becomes a major problem when naturally-occurring bacterial begin digesting it, since it’s the bacteria that produce offensive odors, and produce smelly ammonia as a byproduct. So cat urine enzyme cleaners that contain antibacterial agents can be even more effective, since they prevent bacteria from growing in the first place.

Another advantage of cat urine enzyme cleaners is that enzymes are safe to use on things like carpets, unlike bleach and peroxide cleaners.